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Green Coffee Consultant Services:-
  • Cupping
  • Pre and post-harvest consultation and related job.
  • Training on cupping.
  • Export support services from documentation to export.

Typica Specialty Coffee provide Coffee Roasting Consultant services for startup to large Coffee Roasters, Coffee Companies and Coffee Producers. Coffee Roasting Consultation can include assistance, advice, training, and support for all elements of a Coffee Roasting Operation from Design to producing excellent coffee. we can guide you on developing your business, roasting operation, roast profiles, and efficiencies in your business. We are experienced Coffee Consultants specializing in establishing profitable Coffee Roasteries. We provide consultation services online and onsite with large to small Roasteries and companies in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

We are experienced in all elements of coffee, from being a barista, opening and owning coffee shops, opening coffee roasteries, consulting for large and small companies, working with producers, mills and exporters and coffee technology companies.

Consulting and Training Based on Business Success.

The foundation of our Typica Specialty coffee consult services is the history of success from our staff’s management experiences working in the industry.  Our professional expertise and key learnings before becoming consultants adds great value and critical perspective to your projects.  

From complicated projects with multi-national companies to focused programs with local roasters or coffee farms, Coffee Enterprises utilizes decades of practical expertise to contribute to your success through our consultancy services.

Coffee Roasting Consultant Services
  • Green Coffee Evaluation
  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Roastery Design 
  • Equipment Advice
  • Commissioning Roastery
  • Roaster and Staff Training
  • Sensory Training
  • Implement Roasting System
  • Implement Quality Control System
  • Implement Roastery Standards
  • Existing Coffee Roasteries
  • Continuous Roasting Consultation
  • Product Development
  • Remote Consultation

Coffee Consulting

Consultants to analyze market position, opportunities for product mix (origins, blends, flavors, functional coffees, roast level).

Coffee Exporting

Develop coffee and sourcing for product mix(origins, blend compositions, coffee flavoring, certified coffees)

Minilik Engineering

Design and engineer Coffee Machine, roasting plants, quality control laboratory and tools that will be best suited to meet quality goals.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service surpasses that of any of our competitors in providing assistance and service to any of our client’s request.

Quality Services

We provide a service of excellence accompanied with the newest technology and innovation.

Amazing Strategy

Operates an atmosphere that promote creative approach for clients needs.

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There are tons of reasons Ethiopian coffee is unique, but there is always one thing that people love to point out the most: the taste! The complex flavor creates the most pleasant cup of joe without fail: every time. Outside of the flavor, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and nearly half of the coffee produced by the country is for domestic consumption. (they are big coffee drinkers!) The people have a strong cultural connection to coffee, and most events begin with a coffee ceremony.

According to the Speciality Coffee Association of America, the coffee family has over 450 genera and over 6,500 coffee plant species. Out of those 6,500 plants, there are four different types of coffee beans. Those are Arabica, Excelsa, Robusta, and Liberica.

An Ethiopian cup of joe has a slightly lower level of caffeine than your go-to coffee. The average cup has around 1.10% and 1.13% of caffeine. Since the coffee is not as strong as traditional coffee, it's great for all-day drinking and can complement almost any morning.

The most popular type is a classic medium roast, what we like to call a happy medium. Not too light and not too heavy! The balanced flavor is the perfect style of roast to complement the bold and bright floral flavors that are common with Ethiopian coffee.

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